The Big Raffle 2017

This page will be routinely updated, so check back regularly to keep up with the latest tantalising prizes up for grabs…

If you would like to add a prize to this years UK Vapefest Raffle, please drop us an email.

Tickets will be available only to those attending the event and winners will need to be present at the event when the raffle is called.

NOTE: Raffle is strictly over 18s only.

Abstract Mods
Mike aka Abstract Mods has provided a beautifully crafted rare and much sought after, bamboo with mixed resin, 26650 ready Abstract Mod

(picture of mod with storage box deliberately back for dramatic contrast effect)

Air Distro
the guys at Air Distribution have sent in an array of various liquids in a range of sizes, as well as a few shot kits

(picture of all but handful o f shots)

Angkultur Mod Co
the guys at Angkultur Mod Co have provided this beautiful squonker in deep grey with pattered door

(picture of squonker with door aside for view)

Bumblebee E_liquid
Chris and Gary have again excelled while sending over the entire Bumblebee range eleven times over, plus a Wismec Predator 228 and Praxis Banshee.

(picture illustrates one full set/range, plus mods and additional examples of range)

Bowmans Pick n Mix
The guys at Bowmans Pick n Mix have sent in over a litre of various Pick n Mix and UK Labs juice in one hundred and thirty 10ml bottles of differing flavour.

(picture two backed by stack of many others)

Chefs Flavours
Chefs Vapour have gone full on community spirit and ensured many prize bags will be graced with goodies from the massive two and half litres plus, of various concentrates, from Chefs Flavours. Infact they didn’t stop there, and also added a handful of shot kits and a couple of t-shirts.

(picture shows plenty but not all of the entirety of this great donation of prizes)

Chris Scott Mods
Chris has provided this, his newly released Chris Scott Mod Squonker in red alumide. this is a truly gorgeous little squonker.

(picture of mod)

Clean Coils
Brad and co over at Clean Coils have been busy producing dual alien Clean Coils very nicely housed in individual presentation tins and provided enough sets to ensure one in every prize bag

(picture of just one individual set as taken from the generous fifty provided )

Cotswold Vapour
The Cotswold Vapour crew have provided a selection of juice in 30ml sets, along with a handful of shot kits

(picture includes all but couple of shots)

Crystal Cloudz
the guys at Crystal Clouds have sent in 120ml of their juice in twelve 10 ml increments.

(picture of one, backed by others in blur for effect)

Darwin Mods
Eddie May, aka Darwin Mods has provided a superb mechanical squonker in dark grey alumide

(picture of squonker on three quarter angle)

Druids Brew
The Druid Brews guys have sent in their famous liquids, providing nine of each of the three

(picture includes all 27 bottles fronted by each of the three flavours)

Echo Mods
Echo are providing an orange boxmod

(picture compiled in photoshop)

Ecig Amnesty
Ecig Amnesty have sent in ten Turtle Vape shot kits in different flavours

(picture of two backed by rest in contrasting blur)

Eden Mods
Eden Mods are officially launching their Trillium tank at UK Vapefest 2017 and there will be two of these to win in the raffle

(picture recorded at vapefest)

El Diablo Juices
the El Diablo guys have provided their entire range in 30ml boxed sets

(picture of one bottle aside box backed by rest in blur for dramatic contrast)

Emporium Vapours
the Emporium Vapours guys have sent in ten beautifully presented box sets, each containing a selection of ten of Scotlands finest concentrates, the clan range, plus a handful of nic shots in each box too.

(picture depicts content of one box out of the ten)

Endless Mods UK
Clouds a plenty with this stunning silver plated stacked Endless mod from the guys at Endless Mods UK.

(picture of full kit, sans fiddly little bits)

Evolution Vaping
James at Evolution Vaping again exerted his usual commitment to community, this year sending in an epic haul of gear, including,

Anarchist Comp Mod, Tugboat MOD, Flawless Tuglyfe, Tesla Nano kit, Teslacigs Steath kit, Teslacigs Three kit, DotMod Petri rda + cap set, Flawless AF RDA, 2x Smok chargers, plus a stack of build mats, battery protectors, mod keepers, pens and vape bands.

(picture of all major individual bits, absent thirty of, build mats, battery protecters, mod keepers, pens, bands)

Flawless Vape Distro
The guys at Flawless Vape Distro have sent us a Tuglyfe Dna250 Mod and a selection of eliquids

Fogstar Batteries
Fogstar Batteries have provided a 4 bay battery charger and two twin 18650 sets

(picture of charger, battery set on show and one behind in box)

Frostbox Industries
Frostbox Industries have sent in their dual 20700 power house of a box mod, with custom paint design.

(picture of box mod, open to demonstrate fullest view)

Fusion Haze
the guys from Fusion Haze are providing a selection of shot kits specially created for UK Vapefest 2017

(picture sent in by Fusion Haze)

Golden Vape UK
Golden Vape have given us two golden tickets, each worth fifty quid in store credit, which two lucky winners can spend as they please.

(picture created via photoshop)

The HSTOne crew have provide their impressively capable Vader SS mech and included the stack on section, plus the Sith RDA. They even included their branded t-shirt

(picture shows all major parts except t-shirt)

Half Mods
Osrix aka Half Mods, has sent in his brand new 3D printed Half3D. these were unveiled only yesterday, and we have one here in waiting for some lucky winner

(picture illustrates Half n Half, set against storage clap case)

Hellfire, the Attysmith, has sent over the highly anticipated Venom X Squonker. this shear touch of class will be officially released at UK Vapefest 2017.

21700 and 20700 ready while also 18650 backward compatible, this is a truly special and highly sought after kit.

(picture of VenomX backed by box containing accessories including hellfire owners key ring)

a selection of five 50ml juices in several flavours, from Hush.

(picture includes all)

Juice Bomb E-liquids
Juice Bomb have sent over 100ml of juice in ten 10ml increments, plus a nice branded t-shirt.

(picture of one 10ml contrasted by nine)

Juice Sauz
the guys at Juice Sauz have again gone all out to bring prizes to many, this year sending in a massive litre and half of of various juice, in varying increments and style, from shot kits to premixed.

(picture illustrates a large selection of the very generous overall donation)

Jumy Juice
Jumy Juice have sent over three instalments of their full range of concentrates in 10ml, plus an extra entire range, in 30ml.

(picture illustrates one full range/10ml set)

Martyn and the guys at Manabush have sent in a whopping £180 pound in vouchers meaning two lucky winners will win £100 and £80 respective store credit to spend on their delicious products.

(picture created via photoshop)

Mrs Lords
Mrs Lords have provided a hamper containing a mixture of juices and shot kits, as well as a couple of their blocks of fudge

(close in picture of hamper)

mySizzlebox have sent in a mulitude of 10ml juices in numerous flavour and from various brands

(picture of all, scattered randomly for full frame)

NomNomz Eliquid
Richard from NomNomz Eliquid have sent us a selection of Nic Shot Kits

Leigh and the crew at Plumeblu have packed the suitcase and provided it full of vaping goodies for one lucky winner to win. Including the necessary essentials, plus the option to choose juice strength subject to the winners individual desire.

(picture vape case including contents)

Riot Squad
Riot Squad have provided 60ml of juice along with a branded vape wear set, including hat, t-shirt, bandanna and bag

(picture of 10ml juices, each on own plane to increase arty effect)

Ryan aka Rockmodz has sent in this extremely beautiful, exquisitely detailed squonker. it truly is gorgeous and some lucky vaper is going to blessed while winning this.

(picture of squonker open in all its beauty)

Runt Mods
Dave has been kind enough to create a special one off ‘UK Vapefest’ customised edition of his superb mechanical squonkers. some lucky winner is going to be in for a treat with this gorgeous little box mod.

(squonker pictured open for illustration, alongside door – customisation not seen in picture)

Sluice Juice
Thomas of Sluice Juice has sent in a Teslacigs 120 Nano with batteries, as well as four Sluice shot nic shot kits, plus one large branded build mat.

(picture of all but build mat)

SoulVaperBaby (aka Mr Moxon) keeping with tradition by providing this box mod in red.

(picture assembled via photoshop)

SPA Vapes
SPA Vapes have provided a Rose V3 TPD edition tank

(picture of tank atomiser set alongside box)

Space Invapers
the Guys at Space Invapers have sent across a DNA75 based Avatar RS75, along with Avatar GT2 Twist Tank, plus 4 bottle shot kits.

(picture of Avatar mod & Atty, contrasted by bottle shot kit backing)

Stand Out Stands
Stand Out Stands has provide a very nicely crafted solid aluminium curved atomiser and tube mod stand

(picture of stand with tanks inserted but not included)

The Mix Shop
The Mix shop guys have sent in a large selection of shot kits and concentrates as well as other DIY mixing essentials.

(picture of most of the total amount, arranged orderly for best shot)

The Yorkshire Vaper
Dale and the gang at The Yorkshire Vaper have provided a vast amount of shot kits in various flavour and guise totalling more than a litre and half of yorkshire yummyness.

(picture of nearly all 28, fifty ml bottles plus a handful of included shots)

Jim aka Torchy, has sent in a range of Shokli batteries, paired in 26650, 18650 and 18350, along with an Efest 6 bay charger

(picture of all, minus the included safety storage boxes)

Trypophobic Mods
Trypophobic mods have in the spirit of irregular patterns, provided not one, but two of their distinctive and delightful squonkers. one with holes on blue, and one of holes in green

(picture of both squonkers side by side)

Tub Thumping Brews
Paul from TubThumping Brews has sent over some hardware, consisting of two tanks an RDA and a Snowolf 213 mod.

(picture of mod and attys alongside)

those of us who grew up in vaping will know Scott Bonner and longstanding igetcha69 video reviews. well, he’s been working hard this year to transform one of his TurnwoodFX stabilised blanks into a mod that he could provide to the Big UK Vapefest Raffle.

and oh my, he’s done a sterling job as evident by this remarkably exquisite Squonker.

(picture of Squonker with door aside for viewing purpose)

UK Vapour Brands
more mods than it would take to satisfy an octopus, plus two beautifully presented juice sets, from UK Vapour Brands.

(picture of three standalone mods plus mod five kits, backed by two presentation juice boxes)

Urban Vapor
Urban Vapor have sent in an Armageddon Aftermath in pink, along with a pink Apocalypse RDA.

(picture of Mod, alongside open RDA and top cap)

Vampire Vape
Vampire Vape have provided a selection of their liquids, as well as the new Innokin Oceanus 20700mod kit including batteries, and along with Vampire Vape branded mugs, t-shirt, hoodie and cap.

(picture of 20700 mod alongside juice, leaving aside the bulk of other merchandise)

Van Dyke Vapes
Van Dyke Vapes have sent in six of their various liquids, along with a couple of nice Council Of Vapour mod kits

(picture includes both mods next to one of the six 10ml bottles, backed by rest in blur)

Vanilla Vapes
the guys at Vanilla Vapes have sent in five bottle shot kits alongside a lovely Artic Dolphin Arthur regulated mod, in stabilized wood.

(picture of all but the few shots as accompany each kit)

the Vape GB guys have sent in their full range of juices in three themes and two strengths

(picture of a couple backed by rest in blur for effect )

VapecaseUK have forwarded a voucher which can be exchanged for a vape case.

(picture created in photoshop)

Vape Importers
Vape Importers have sent in a selection of juices in various brands and flavour

(picture primarily concentrating on two with rest providing artistic backing, for dramatic contrast)

Vapers Fog
Vapers Fog have provided 120ml of juice in twelve 10ml bottles, along with a branded beenie hat and t-shirt

(picture of juice with two clear and backed by rest in blur for effect)

Vaperz and Raverz
Vaperz And Raverz facebook group have very kindly offered two Vaperz and Raverz hoodies for the raffle. if raving is your thing, check out their group.

(picture created via photoshop)

Vapesque have sent in close to half a litre of Bottle shot kits consisting of 50ml with 10 ml nic shot, in an array of nine separate sets.

(picture of all sets and couple of shots)

a small selection of liquid in 50ml nic free increments, plus a cap and t-shirt from the guys at VR Labs.

(pictures contains all)

Zapwrapz have provided a professionally Zapwrapped mod kit, giving a neat and splendid appearance to this recently released mod

(picture of mod wearing it’s splendid new clothes)

UK Vapefest
photography by itsmeitis: while we are very happy for our photos to be used, we would be grateful if you would notify us of their use. thank you.