UK Vapefest 2012


Saturday, August 25, 2012 · 10am – Midnight


The Moat House, 35-36 Lichfield Street, Tamworth, Staffordshire B79 7QQ

Pink-VaperPinkVaper’s Perspective
by PinkVaper

I awoke to my alarm reminding me I’d booked a ridiculously early breakfast and wandered from shower to dryer to mirror to bar….following a wonderful breakfast sat with my newest pal badseed we were joined by my right arm Elfish.

In desperate need of a real coffee (I still can’t believe she told the arms to their face their coffee was shit!) we headed out in search of the nearest Starbucks, or something resembling ground coffee at least. Upon discovering her ethereal vice we set off back to the arms and were greeted at the gate of the MoatHouse at just after 9.15am by a queue the length of an army…..feck that, we headed back to the arms to be there fashionably late 😉

Fashionably late – 10am!

Back at the Moat House the day was hotting up. I must have hugged at least 50 people on the day of Vapefest! I hugged the organisers, I hugged the vendors and mostly a lot of people I know by username alone! You guys were the making of the day for me. Seeing all those shinies and chatting to the people behind the avatar made every moment so worthwhile. If I name you all here we will be another page and a half of waffling so just know that each and every one of you that I met made my day that bit brighter and that extra part special

Newbies & Celebrities

I spoke to some absolute newcomers to ecigs and shared what I could in those brief moments and I spoke to some of the industries innovators – modmakers and DIY enthusiasts. I met the PR side of things – the founder of CAM VIP Russell and the radio presenter of RY4 Tim Weston, the famous reviewer Scott Bonner(igetcha69) and Katherine Devlin of ECITA– these are the bread and butter of the vaping community who should have Sir’s included in their titles (among many others who are far too many to mention) and although very modest they are the backbone of the community and it is a truly wonderous thing to have seen them all in one place in one moment – these were for me the moments in which Vapefest 2012 drew its strength.

Raffle & Roll

The raffle was fun and not too lengthy, the winners were deserving and it was a very fair draw, prizes were beyond amazing and my only regret was not taking more pictures of the amazing goodies dished out on the day

Karaoke came and went – PinkVaper was in the spotlight for a song but that shall only ever be immortalised in the form of this sentence thankfully – no video evidence – phew!

A Perfect Day

Escaping the clutches of the music for a moment I hopped down with marcovanbasten to record for the perfect day video and this, little did I know ,was the best thing I did that night – to have a video of Vapefest as a memento that I was part of is something I will treasure and am very grateful to Marco for having me be a part of it

(this video is dedicated to the memory of Fudge, MaroVanBasten’s four legged best friend who sadly passed away today, 27 Aug. 2012)

The night was long and filled with fun and laughing, sat around a table of fellow vapers, vendors and enthusiasts all singing the praises of the hobby we adore was the perfect night cap! I didn’t want it to end – I truly didn’t want to go home that next morning….

A long goodbye, made short at 5am

But all things must come to an end and it was with an overwhelming feeling of sorrow that I had to say goodbye to my Vapefest journey for 2012. Packing my bags at 5am I didn’t have time to dwell on it as I slid into the taxi and spun away while the world was still sleeping.

Looking back on it with fresh eyes I can only see it as a perfectly rounded, everything I could hope for, dream, want and wish for…and more….weekend – a pure vapers paradise. I believe these things are always what you make of them and as those who happened across me will probably tell you I hugged the bejaysus out of Vapefest 2012

See you next year for more frolics in Fazely!

From the Pink Vaper blog


Lee from Alba Vapours, Chris from Britvapes, Peter Cole from Decadent Vapours, Aaron & Olly from ECigWizard, Cam from E-Cigz London, Pawel from gepetto box mods, Zen from House of Hybrids, Toby from iVapour, Mik from Janty, Richard from Juice Trap, Craig from Mirage Cigarettes, from Siam Mods, Nigel from T-Juice, Ian from Touchwood, Ben from UK-Eliquid, Jason & Franc from Vape Escape, Vapist from Vapist’s Vapours/Vapist Vapourizers, Van & Sasha from Vapor Wall, Paula from Vapour World, Brett from Vapouriz and Garry Dibley (the Modfather).